Our Mission

To teach the skill and safe handling of firearms. The promotion of all shooting sports. To encourage training in the use of firearms for sport.

To promote the highest degree of sportsmanship and good fellowship among the membership and to prevent the occurrence of tolerance of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Firing Range Safety Briefing

  • Range rules:
    • While shooting is in progress everyone must have BOTH hearing and eye protection. If you don’t have BOTH of these then you will need to be back by tree line.
    • Muzzles of firearms are to be pointed down range at all times. Not up, not down, not left or right. We don’t care if they are loaded, unloaded, disassembled or whatever. The muzzle must be pointed down range at all times! If we see you with your muzzle pointed anywhere but down range we will give you a warning. If we see you a second time we will tell you to pack up and go home due to safety concerns. 
    • When bringing firearms from your vehicle to the firing line, they must be in a commercial gun case.
      • No way to get to the action in the event you brought a loaded firearm to the range so you can’t fire off a round behind us.
    • When removing firearms from the case, they must be pointed down range.
      • If more than one gun is in the case ONLY handle the gun that is pointed down range. Close case and rotate it so next firearm is pointed down range prior to handling.
    • Anyone can call a cease-fire if they see something unsafe. Nene geese, hikers, etc. If anyone sees something unsafe YELL “cease-fire” and we will get the firearms unloaded and firing line to a “safe” condition. 
    • No food or drink on line. We don’t want anyone ingesting lead or powder residue.
    • Smoking is only permitted behind the firing line.
    • Range commands:
  1. “Eyes and ears”. It’s a warning to you and everyone must put on both eye protection and hearing protection.
  2. “Shooters may approach the line, the line is hot and you may commence firing”. Then and only then cross over the red line and come forward to where the firearms are and commence firing. We typically shoot for approximately 20 minutes and then reset targets.
  3. “Two minutes”…is a warning to you to fire what rounds are remaining in the gun…Period! It is NOT a command to hurry up and change magazines or reload cylinders to see how many rounds you can fire in two minutes. 
  4. “Cease-fire”. Once we call cease fire, we want the actions open, magazines out, cylinders open, slides locked to the rear. If you have a firearm where the bolt or slide does not stay locked open on its own, use a spent piece of brass, a piece of wood or something to put in the action behind the barrel and in front of the breach face and close the action on to it. That way when we look at the firearm we know that there is no way that it can be fired. After that, step back behind the red line. We will then inspect the firearms. Once we are satisfied that it’s safe we will say:
  5. “The line is safe you may go forward”. Then and only then cross over the red line continuing forward to where the targets are located. Do NOT stop in between the poles and no one is permitted to touch tables while shooters are down range. 


  • During a cease-fire no one is allowed between the red line on the ground and the front edge of concrete slab. If we see you loitering in this area we will yell to get your attention. Think about it. Would you want anyone handling guns behind you while you’re changing your target? If you hear us yelling and yelling, look around we may be yelling at you! 
  • Leave everything you need to change targets, like staplers, tape, targets, etc., somewhere behind the line. Don’t leave them on the line because they will be inaccessible during a cease-fire.
  • If you want to pick up brass in front of the slab, the ONLY time to do so is after the line has been called “safe”.
  • Once everyone is back from changing targets/ down range, we will give you a couple of minutes to pick up brass on the slab itself. Do not touch any firearms at this time!
  • If it is windy/ gusty do not leave your firearms on top of their case. The wind will knock them off the table. 
  • Shooting of metal targets is permitted at the 200-yard line at commercially manufactured metal targets. No homemade metal targets will be permitted. Targets will be approved by the CRSO.
  • No opening of gun cases behind the line will be allowed. Period. If you need to open your gun case you must bring it to the line to do so.
  • Pistol shooters will need to shoot with the pistol at the front of the slab unless seated. 
  • No tracer or armor piercing or incendiary ammo is allowed.
  • The first aid kit is located on the wall by the sign in table.
  • In the event of a medical emergency please notify any RO immediately.
  • Any questions? If none, bring your firearms to the line and we will get started.